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Product Recommendations

What Motor Should I Get?

Motor choice will depend on what you drive, how you drive, and what you want. You can check out our basic motor recommendations page. If you still are not sure, please contact us or search relevant forums (such as RC Crawler) and see what others have done with vehicles similar to yours.

Brushed or Brushless?

Motor choice often is a matter of personal taste. Generally speaking, brushless motors will offer more power, better longevity, and require less maintenance. With the advancements in brushless motors and speed controllers, it now is possible to have very smooth and controllable brushless motor setups. That said, brushed motors often are more affordable and many drivers prefer the feel of a brushed motor. We have a wide variety of brushed and brushless motors to suit your taste.

Do I Need to Change My Gearing?

It depends on the vehicle and motor. Please look at our basic motor recommendations page for more information about gearing and contact us if your vehicle is not listed of if you have any further questions. Improper gearing can damage your motor and void the warranty!

Do I Need an External BEC?

The internal BECs of our brushed and brushless controllers are quite capable. However, if you are using an upgraded servo or large lighting arrays, an external BEC is strongly recommended to help provide consistent and stable power.