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Installation and Use

General ESC Calibration Process

This is the basic process to calibrate any single ESC. If you are having trouble, checkout the ESC Troubleshooting article.

  • To get into calibration mode the easy way (though you might need three hands) apply full throttle BEFORE plugging in the ESC to the battery.
  • You will hear a musical chime (you will only hear the chimes if a motor is connected) to indicate you have entered calibration mode.
  • Keep holding full throttle until the ESC chimes again and begins flashing a red light with a beep. This indicates the ESC has stored forward throttle and is awaiting full reverse.
  • Give full reverse throttle. The ESC will chime again to indicate it has stored reverse throttle, and will start beeping again, this time with no lights, indicating it is awaiting neutral.
  • Give the ESC neutral throttle. The ESC will chime when it has stored neutral, and then several seconds later, it will chime again indicating it is armed and ready for use.
  • Drive away!

Calibrating Dual ESCs

Typically, you can calibrate both ESCs at the same time, while installed in the rig. If this proves difficult for you, pull the RX leads on one, and calibrate them one at a time. If both ESCs are soldered together or otherwise share battery leads (e.g. TorqueMaster BR Mini Dual), you may find it easier to disconnect the ESCs from the battery, and power them individually during calibration via the RX.


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