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Unopened and unused products purchased directly from holmeshobbies.com may be returned within 30 days of the date of purchase. Return shipping will be the responsibility of the purchaser. For products purchased from third-party websites or local sellers, please contact the seller directly.

General Holmes Hobbies LLC Warranty

Holmes will warranty products manufactured by Holmes Hobbies. Our warranty applies only to new products and is not transferable. For other manufacturers, please contact them directly.

Warranty for Holmes Hobbies LLC Products

In general, Holmes Hobbies will warranty all products for a period of 30 days beginning at the time the item is received by the customer. Products that explicitly carry a longer warranty period will indicate as much on the item description page on this site. Items determined to be valid warranty claims will be replaced or repaired at the discretion of Holmes Hobbies, or refunded in the event that such repair or replacement is not possible.

For all warranty claims, it is the responsibility of the customer to ship the item to Holmes Hobbies for evaluation. If the customer is uncertain whether a particular item or issue is covered under warranty, it is recommended the customer contact the Service Department prior to shipping any item to Holmes Hobbies, and that the customer follow any recommended testing or diagnostics to help evaluate the issue. For claims covered under warranty, Holmes Hobbies will cover the cost of return shipping. For all other items, it will be the customer's responsibility to pay for return shipping.

Warranty covers products affected by manufacturing defects, damage prior to shipping, or infantile failures not related to product misuse. Warranty does not cover overheated motors or electronics, motors or electronics used improperly, or abused. Warranty does not cover wear and tear on parts designed to wear with use.

General warranty periods by product type:

  • Brushed Motors - 30 days
  • Brushless Motors - 1 year / 60 days (waterproofed)
  • Electronics - 1 year / 60 days (waterproofed)
  • Servos - 1 year

Be advised, that while Holmes Hobbies offers waterproofing services for products produced by other manufacturers, those warranties are voided with the procedure. Holmes Hobbies will only warranty waterproofed items manufactured by Holmes Hobbies within the warranty period for that specific product.

Warranty for Products from other Manufactureres

Castle – Castle Products carry Castle's warranty. Contact Castle Creations here for fastest service.

How To Start a Warranty Claim

It is strongly recommended that customers attempt to contact customer service, via our contact form on HolmesHobbies.com, or by calling directly, prior to sending any merchandise in for service or warranty claim. Very often, basic troubleshooting solves issues found with new items, and saves the trouble, time and cost of shipping merchandise around. 

When shipping service items to Holmes Hobbies, include the following information along with the item:

  • Full Name
  • Return shipping address (do not rely on the return address on the box!)
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Detailed Setup and Installation description (rig, battery, wiring methods, gearing, etc)
  • Description of the issue experienced, and any troubleshooting steps taken
  • Holmes Hobbies Order Number or store sales receipt (required for ALL warranty claims)

Ship service and warranty items to:

Holmes Hobbies LLC
Service Department
716 W Sexton Rd
Columbia, Missouri 65203