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Puller Pro R 540-L V2 Race Motor 6000kv

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Puller Pro R 540-L V2 Race Motor 6000kv
Product SKU: 120100059
Puller Pro R 540-L V2 Rock Crawler Motor 6000kv


High Power, High Torque, High Performance!

When you want efficient and controllable power , the Puller Pro delivers the excessive force you desire!  The Puller Pro R 540-L is a rock race honed variation with higher quality materials for less heat, more torque, and less brake fade.  It retains industry leading low speed control and throttle feel, giving you an edge whether in the rocks or pulling a run on the track. The 6000kv is borne from our 3s lipo U4RC race research and tuned up faster for 2s lipo sled, drag, and general overpowered mayhem!

To prevent motor damage, be sure that screws are not inserted more than 3.5mm into the mounting holes.


  • Four pole 17.5mm diameter x 32mm length rotor
  • Twelve slot stator, 180C resin impregnated copper windings
  • 200C rated high strength neodymium magnets
  • Oversized bearings
  • Sensored
  • Waterproof sensor board
  • Sensor wire included


  • "550" size motor
  • 25mm mount pattern
  • M3 mounting screws
  • 5mm shaft diameter(requires 5mm pinion gear)
  • 15mm shaft length
  • 36mm diameter
  • 60.6mm length
  • 255.4g 
  • 60,000 rpm max

Notes: Designed for dominating 1/10th scale U4, rock racing, endurance, drag race, sled pulling, and general obscene power on 2s lipo.  Also makes 4x4 stampedes an airplane. Recommended ESC 1/10th or 1/8th scale. If you get your motor wet, you must clean, dry, and relube bearings to avoid damage.

1 year warranty from date of purchase. Does not include damage from overheating, rusting, or improper installation. 

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