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Ten Shooter 540 Rock Crawler Motor - 2700kv

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Ten Shooter 540 Rock Crawler Motor - 2700kv
Product SKU: 120100099
Ten Shooter 540 Rock Crawler Motor - 2700kv


The Ten Shooter is a limited run 540 size motor for competitive minded drivers and trail runners that enjoy a smooth motor! As compared to the Puller Pro 540, the ten shooter starts smoother but has slightly reduced drag brake and torque. It still retains an elegant overkill and is perfectly tuned for modern competition rigs! As compared to the original 6 shooter stubby or 10 shooter stubby, the ten shooter 540 has much higher torque, power, and drag brake with equal or better startup.

2700kv 2 to 4s recommended
36 x 53mm housing
8x blind hole mounting
Sealed can
4x11x4mm rear bearing
10 pole, high strength high temp variant magnets
Kevlar wrapped rotor
21mm long stator
Low resistance extra beefy solder tabs
Wires and 4mm high current bullets installed
1/8" shaft
210 grams (with wires)

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