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Fussy Brush Kit

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Fussy Brush Kit
Product SKU: 181100001

Fussy Brush motor tool



The Fussy Brush is one of the most important tools you can purchase to keep your brushed motors running in top shape. It allows for super fast brush break-in and reshaping, leaving you with longer brush and commutator life.

We use this tool in motor production and couldn't live without it! You will immediately hear and feel the difference with a Fussy Brush built motor!  Highly recommended for use with Holmes Silver and Laydown brushes. 

The kit comes with one main shaft, one 7.5mm bit, and one 10mm bit. Perfect for seating in your brushes to a new armature.


  • Install the Fussy Brush in your motor as you would an armature.
  • Put pressure on the brushes or install your springs.
  • Turn the shaft in the direction of regular motor rotation.
  • When the brush face has an even satin finish, you are ready to clean out the shavings, reassemble the motor, and break it in.